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Bed manufacturers know that a sense of security is vital to achieve a great night's sleep. This is why the waterproof mattress was born. A waterproof mattress is very useful in supporting babies, young children, and seniors who have bedwetting problems. Besides keeping them away from this sleep-interrupting wetness, a waterproof mattress is also best used for hygienic purposes. By maintaining a dry bed, you prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and other harmful elements that thrive in moist or wet areas.

Waterproof Mattress

Some waterproof mattresses also have additional features, like being fire proof. Most standard mattresses are generally made using flammable materials and no one wants to see their bed turn into ashes as the result of a fire. With a waterproof mattress, there is no reason for you to be worry about getting wet or having your bed catch fire.

For frequent travelers, especially campers, a waterproof mattress is a very good sleeping material. Waterproof mattresses will ensure that you won’t be bothered by wet grounds or rainy weather. Since taking a whole mattress with you could be a major hassle, there are waterproof mattress pads or airbeds that can also serve as waterproof mattresses. This will save you the trouble of trying to bring a regular big bulky waterproof mattress. A waterproof mattress can cost more than a standard mattress, but you must consider the many benefits it can provide for you.

You will discover that a there are many brands of waterproof mattresses that come in different sizes, have special features, and are made using different fabrics. Take some time to read through our waterproof mattress reviews before you decide on which waterproof mattress will work best for you.

Single Breathable Sfonia Superior Waterproof Mattress

This superior mattress by Sfonia serves as a great waterproof mattress. It's built with a breathable yet durable waterproof cover to prevent users from getting wet. At the same time, it is built to ensure that it won't easily get damaged by moisture. Unlike most waterproof items that are made of plastic, this waterproof mattress is made of materials that do not create noise as someone tosses and turns. Created with open-celled and high resistance density polyurethane foam, this waterproof mattress makes a great orthopaedic mattress. It will follow the shape of your body for ultimate comfort and helps provide comfort and relief from pains in your joints, muscle, and bones. Furthermore, this waterproof mattress is made with a breathable cotton blend covering that is resistant to dust mites and harmful allergens. It also does not have any internal springs and which makes it easy to transport. Once you are done using this Sfonia waterproof mattress, it can be easily packed away and is always ready for future use.

Simmons Hi-Loft Air, Waterproof Mattress

This waterproof mattress is made by Simmons who is also the manufacturer of Beautyrest Black, ComfortPedic, Beautyrest, and Natural Care mattresses. This waterproof mattress provides the perfect platform to take a nap and sleep contently while being elevated up off the ground. It has a height of 16 inches and comes with a built-in pillow to provide additional comfort. The raised canal curves of this waterproof mattress also offer extra support. This waterproof mattress can carry up to 650 pounds and is available in all bed sizes. Included in the package is a easy hands-free express 120-volt electric pump making the airbed simple to inflate and deflate. This Simmons waterproof mattress also includes a convenient heavy duty nylon bag for easy carrying and storage. With the creation of this waterproof mattress, the Simmons Bedding Company continues to show their commitment to helping their consumers get the highest quality rest and sleep.

Vitality Web Raised Nylon Airbed Waterproof Mattress

Waterproof mattress airbeds are made of similar materials that are used to produce normal waterproof mattresses and other waterproof beddings. This airbed, which also serves as a waterproof mattress, offers the convenience of a portable airbed plus the comfort of sleeping on a raised platform. It features a double chamber construction in which the lower area serves as the platform with box springs on a normal bed, while the upper area serves as the typical mattress. The design of this waterproof mattress provides extra support and firmness for maximum comfort. The level of firmness and softness also can be adjusted by controlling the quantity of air inside the mattress. This waterproof mattress can be completely deflated for trips or travel, and can provide extra bedding for guests and kids as well. Included in this waterproof mattress package is a handy duffel bag with a nice shoulder strap for easy transportation and storage. You can also use the handy electric air pump to inflate this quality waterproof mattress.